Manage your appointments, staff, and client queue with ease.
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Create, edit, and manage your Appointment Book

Manage appointments with easy access to client information, notes, and staff productivity at a glance.

See productivity at a glance

Automatically calculate each provider’s productivity and projected earnings.

As easy as Drag & Drop

Move, extend, or shorten appointments with a single drag-and-drop.

Quickly create and edit

Create and edit appointments with a single click.
A browser window showing Appointments and time slots of providers

Keep business humming with your Client Queue

Manage all your appointments and walk-ins from a single screen, with live and accurate wait times.
An iPad screen showing a queue of clients waiting and being serviced

Keep track of all timing

Know exactly how long your clients are waiting and how long their service is taking.

Manage customer flow

Manage it all: walk-ins, appointments, or whatever your business model demands.

See accurate wait times

Communicate individual staff availability to your customers.

Special Features

Client Notifications

Send automatic emails and texts to confirm if clients are coming.

Appointment Reminders

Set up email or SMS reminders when clients are a certain amount of time out from their appointment.

Group Appointments

Manage appointments of up to 4 additional guests at once, or book for someone other than themselves.

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