Self Check-In

Save time at the front desk when guests check in for appointment or walk-ins.
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Greet clients professionally as soon as they walk in

Let your customers browse and book services for appointments live, or check themselves in to the wait list.

Don’t make guests wait

Give your front desk a professional look and allow clients to get started right away.

Save time for staff

Self Check-In means your staff spend less time at the front desk.

A sleek, professional look

Customize with your branding, set up multiple iPads, and make it your own.
The Clover Station Duo, a POS system in silver and white

No appointment? No problem

Check in for walk-ins with a phone number.

Or, check in for appointments in 3 taps

Guests can find their pre-booked appointments with their phone number.

Special Features

Book Groups and Parties

Check in up to 4 additional guests and pay together. Optimize the group’s wait times and finish times.

Upsell and Rebook

Customers can book Add-On and Recommended services during check-in, as well as rebook at the end.

Optimized Booking

Accommodate new clients and loyal clients without giving up booking opportunities.

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