Employee Scheduling

Easily manage employee schedules with total location visibility.
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Schedule, fast

Create, edit, and set recurring shifts without ever leaving the Scheduling screen.

See shift details at a glance

Click into any shift to see details or edit.

Drag & Drop

Move, extend, or shorten appointments with a single drag-and-drop.

Automate schedules

Set recurring schedules with a wide palette of customization.
A screen showing a calendar view of a week against employee names and availabilities

Filter, sync, and automate with granularity

Scheduling is synced with your Appointments, Customer Management, and Employee App so that your staff schedules work seamlessly with the rest of salon operations.

Filter by position, employee, and location

Focus on only the information you need by toggling filters like staff position, location, and name.
A close-up showing that you can filter employees by position

See affected appointments

Whenever you move a shift, you’ll see which appointments will be affected and get prompted to rebook each one.
A close-up showing that when you try to reschedule an employee's shift, 6 appointments are affected

Get full location visibility

View and manage staff schedules across multiple locations, from one screen.
A full employee schedule calendar

Special Features

Easy Rescheduling

Drag-and-drop rescheduling shows you all scheduling conflicts so you never miss an appointment.

Seasonal Schedules

Set up schedules that start and end on specific dates, with specific rules.

Productivity Analytics

Get visibility on all staff productivity in real-time and in recurring reports.

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